Best Fully Furnished Apartments in Nairobi

kalwani 001 furnished apartment

Kalwani 001 is a fully furnished Apartment that is located 800 metres off the Kiambu road on the Thindigua highway. The apartment is well equipped with an ample parking space, a gym facility, wifi, and is situated in a very serene environment with a fantastic view from its rooftop. The fully furnished apartment is ideal both for a long stay and also for a short stay. Kalwani 001 will be an ideal apartment for a weekend getaway, and for a place to relieve a weeks’ or months’ stress.

For directions to Kalwani 001, CLICK HERE.

Fully Furnished Apartments near the Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH)

When you search for fully furnished Apartments near KUTRRH, The Kalwani 001 in Thindigua will certainly be among the best options for you. The Kalwani 001 is located just 10 km away from the new Kenyatta University teaching, referral and research hospital, a place you can easily access. The short distance makes it possible to commute daily to the highly prime amenity.

Ever heard of Tropophobia? well, this is the fear of change, relocation and leaving the usual, whether it is for a short period, or a longer period. This fear is real, especially with the uncertainity of new places. How is the security? How friendly and coperative are the people of that place? How close are important facilities like hospitals? How convenient is the place in terms of accessing the CBD? How affordable is the best place i get?

Well, investors have over the time been able to come up with solution-based accommodations that address all these key issues, and we have been at the forefront in this. The Fully furnished apartment Kalwani 001 is ideal for both a long term stay and a short term stay. The reason the Apartment stands out among the others is because, we value quality and class, while at the same time giving you very fair rates.

Kalwani 001 Ample Parking Space

The parking space for the Kalwani 001 fully furnished Apartment is spacious enough, clean, secure and free. This parking space is ideal for those people with more than one car, and also those with big cars. The most important thing any car owner will look at when considering a place, is the safety of the parking area.

If the parking area leaves you feeling like you have parked at your own risk, bringing a sense of insecurity of whether you will find you car still intact, then definitely that is not a safe parking place. The safety of your car when at Kalwani 001 is well guaranteed as the apartment has a trained security guard, cctv cameras, a well built perimeter wall and a strong gate. This means strangers do not access the parking, and also it is well monitored for any suspicious activities. There is also good lighting especially at night to ensure the compound is well lit to increase the security.


Kalwani 001 Serene sorrounding and Climate

To any person who has been to Thindigua, the can attest that it is one of the places in the county of Kiambu with the coolest of environments. The Kalwani 001 offers you the best environment to just relieve any stress, rest and recharge. With the increased cases of mental health issues, experts have said that stress and fatigue are among the leading causes. Did you know a weekend get-away from your usual and normal environment can work as good as a change? The environment around the Kaluani 001 fully Furnished apartment is quiet, and has beautiful scenary to make one relax. With a spacious rooftop, one is able to enjoy all this from the rooftop.


Climate Of Kiambu

The Kiambu hot season lasts for an average of 2 months, between the late January and the late March, with the temperatures averaging at 25.556°c. The hottest month is March at 26°c average.

The cold season lasts for 3 months, between the beginning of June and the end of August, with temperatures going as low as 12°c and not going above 22°c . The coldest month is the Month of July.

October to May is defined as the wetter season, and May to October the dryer season.


Kalwani 001 Quality Furniture

One of the major challenges that comes with fully furnished apartments is containing low quality furniture to the dissapointment of the clients. Many clients especially those on business trips would want to have an experience that is almost, if not the same, as their own home, and this is what they pay for otherwise they could have just stayed in a lodging hotel. At Kalwani 001, we value this and have not shied away from investing in the best furniture to make our clients have the best experience.

Our standards are set to give you an experience that will leave you with a home-away-from-home feeling. Our taps are featured with both room temperature water and also hot water to serve you with as much convenience as possible.


Short Stay Furnished Apartments In Nairobi

Kalwani 001 is a fully furnished Apartment in Thindigua, off Kiambu road right after the Northern bypass junction. It is suitable for a short stay of even one night.  For directions to Kalwani 001, CLICK HERE.

It is an ideal place with state of the art furniture, ample parking space, security, a gym, and the prices are fair. It is located at a serene environment, away from any noise,and it is a good place for anybody who needs to concentrate or rest.

Kalwani 001 is near the Kiambu town, the Quickmart Supermarket, Kiambu Insitute of Science And Technology(KIST), and also near the Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital(KUTRRH), which is only 10km away.


Cheap Furnished Apartments in Nairobi For Rent

Get to rent the most affordable fully furnished apartment in Thindigua at Kalwani park, Kalwani 001. Kalwani 001 is a two bedroom apartment that is suitable for both long and short stay of even one day.

The apartment is fitted with high value and classy furniture to give you a home-away-from-home feeling, and at the same time still very affordable. For directions to Kalwani 001, CLICK HERE.


Long Term Apartment Rentals In Nairobi

If you are looking for furnished apartments in Nairobi for a long stay, then the Kalwani 001 would be the best choice for you. This apartment is located in Thindigua, off Kiambu road along the Thindigua highway. It is situated near the Quickmart supemarket Kiambu road.

These apartments are well suited for a long stay, with amenities like ample parking space, good security, wifi and a gym facility. For directions to Kalwani 001, CLICK HERE. The apartment is near the Kiambu town, the Quickmart Supermarket, Kiambu Insitute of Science And Technology(KIST), and also near the Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital(KUTRRH), Which is only 10km away. It is also very near the Nairobi CBD.


Fully Furnished Apartments in Nairobi for Sale.

The kalwani 001 is a fully furnished Apartment in Thindigua, Kiambu county, off Kiambu road on the Thindigua highway. The two bedroomed apartment is for renting and not for sale.  It is fitted with state of the art furniture and suitable for both a long stay and a short stay.

For anybody who wishes for a long stay, a search for the perfect place can become quite a stress. Kalwani 001 assures you that you should search no longer. For directions to Kalwani 001, CLICK HERE.


2 Bedroom Fully Furnished Apartments in Nairobi

If you are searching for a two bedroom Fully furnished Apartment in Nairobi, then Kalwani 001 in Thindigua will appear as your best choice. Located at one of the most serene places in the country, with favorable weather and climate, Kalwani 001 is a two bedroomed apartment, fitted with hot water taps, and amenities like a gym, and wifi. The rooms are spacious and well fitted with a bed and beddings, a wardrobe and towels. The management offers laundry services to the clients especially those doing long stays in the apartment.

The parking space is big and good enough even to accomodate a family with 2 cars, or very big cars.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’S)

What is Fully Furnished Meaning?

An apartment is said to be a fully furnished apartment if it contains everything that you may need for you to live in that house. This means it has all furnitures, the chairs, table, dresser, television, kitchen appliances and utensils, bed and beddings, iron board, towels, among other things.

Is There a Difference Between Furnished and Fully Furnished?

While a fully furnished apartment contains literally all that you may need, including all kitchen appliances like the fridge, microwaves, sofas and bed, a semi furnished apartment will only contain the basic things like shelves, bed, fan, lighting, cupboard which may be empty. The semi furnished apartment assumes you will still move alot of your things in, and hence it is just supplementing you.

Who can Rent Apartments in Nairobi?

In Nairobi, anybody can rent an apartment as long as they are 18 years and above. The major qualification to be allowed in an apartment in Nairobi is a national identification card which is issued when one attains the age of 18 years.

Is it Worth Renting a Fully Furnished?

Fully furnished Apartments help you reduce your upfront cost, have an easy moving and gives you alot of flexibility especially for those on short term business trips. So yes, depending on the circumstances of your trip, visit or moving, they can be quite convenient.

Does Furnished include TV?

Yes. In most cases, the cost of a furnished apartment will include the cost of WIFI and a tv, in many cases smart tvs that enable you to stream anything.

Can You Change Furniture in a Furnished Flat?

No. If a tenant wishes to move with his or her furniture, then furnished apartments would not be the best choice for them. For an apartment to qualify to be a furnished apartment, then it has to comply with all ethics which ensure it is as furnished as its name claims it to it be.

What Should a Fully Furnished Flat include?

A fully furnished apartment should contain all the required household items. This ranges from Sofas to Ironing tables, all Kitchen appliances including a fridge, microwave, and utensils, beds and dressers among other things that make up a household.

What is a Bare Unit?

A bare unit refers to totally empty and free room left within an apartment, which can even have no lights or fans installed.

Are Furnished Houses More Expensive to Rent?

Research shows that when you rent a fully furnished apartment compared to the unfurnished apartments, you end up paying 21% more rent. This is in accordance to research done by website. This is however expected as a furnished apartment offfers more services and also the cost of running and maintainance is higher.





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