Furnished apartments in Thindigua

Located on Thindigua Highway, off Kiambu Road, the Kalwani A001 is a modern fully furnished apartment that is part of The Moon Serenity apartment block. It is a two-bedroomed apartment that is well suited for those traveling with their families or as a group. This apartment is suitable for those who want privacy, something which cannot be found in hotels.

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Many people search for furnished apartments in Thindigua, and the results are staggering. With the many search results, many would-be customers and tenants get easily confused. It is, therefore, imperative to cautiously consider the advantages and shortcomings of the many available options before making a decision. Remember that a furnished apartment should be as close to your home setting as possible. Only by finding a well-furnished apartment while traveling can you be at ease, especially for those who are not big fans of staying in hotels.

This article aims at highlighting all the facilities that you will get at Kalwani A001 as a tenant to demonstrate how this apartment should be your number one choice if you happen to be traveling to Thindigua and the surrounding areas. Keep reading the article to learn why this apartment is popular among short-term travelers to Thindigua and the nearby areas.

Location and Overview of Kalwani A001

Kalwani A001 is among the apartments in The Moon Serenity Apartments block which is located on Thindigua Highway, off Kiambu Road. This area is one of the busiest areas in Kiambu County and also among the most affluent in the county. Most of the residential houses in this area are high-end and out of reach for many people. The hotels are also not cheap, and with the inconveniences associated with them, many people traveling to this area will opt for furnished apartments.

A casual drive along Thindigua Highway reveals many residential areas. That means there are bound to be many visitors to this area. With that being the case, it would be nice to have those visitors stay in a comfortable environment, which feels and looks like a real home, a home away from home. That is the beauty of furnished apartments, they offer you a home feeling which cannot be found in hotels and motels.

Centrally located along this highway is the Kalwani A001 furnished apartment. This apartment has become a darling for many travelers looking for short-term accommodation facilities. Although there may be many facilities offering the same services, Kalwani A001 has remained a favorite for many visitors to Thindigua and the surrounding areas. The main reasons for that are the easier access to the apartment and the tasteful furnishes available in the apartment.

Furnished Apartments in Thindigua, Inside Kalwani A001

After getting to this furnished apartment, it’s time to take a look inside and try to understand what makes this apartment tick. To do that, it’s good to have a look at the individual rooms to better know what they have to offer. The following are the room descriptions and the furnishings available:

1. Sitting room

In furnished rentals, one of the most important places in the sitting room. That is because it is mostly what creates an impression on all tenants. Entering the sitting room of Kalwani A001, you are greeted with a tastefully furnished spacious room that can easily be used as a lounge and for entertaining guests.



The sitting room contains three leather sofa seats which are cozily arranged around a marble table. It will provide a good resting spot for the tenant after a hard day at work. The flat-screen TV mounted on the wall will keep you indoors with a connection to premium channels from across the globe.

The sitting room also contains wall pictures that are meant to create an ample living space, especially for those traveling on work-related matters. The tasteful wall lighting and the beautiful curtain sets at the expansive windows add to the serenity of this apartment.

The carpet in the living room ensures that you will stay warm and are protected from the coldness of the ceramic tiles on the floor. That is a thoughtful advantage that separates this apartment from others around the area. It shows how the setting of the room has the tenants’ needs at heart.

2. Kitchen

Another notable area of this apartment is the kitchen. The kitchen is an open-plan kitchen which means the setting is like an extension of the living room. The tenant will keep in touch with the happenings of the sitting room while still performing kitchen duties like cooking and washing dishes. Open-plan kitchens are suitable for those travelers traveling with their families, especially young kids. It means you have the chance to keep an eye on them while they play in the sitting area as you go on with the cooking and other chores.

A survey of the kitchen reveals that it is tastefully equipped to meet all your day-to-day requirements. There is a four-burner stand-alone cooker that will ensure your food is ready within no time. The mini-fridge and the microwave will keep your food staff cold when it is required and quickly warm it up for a quick bite. These two home appliances make life easier, especially for those travelers who like takeout since leftovers can be optimally kept for a second helping. You will not have to worry about excess food and other perishables going bad while staying at Kalwani A001.

There is also an electric water kettle among the appliances in the kitchen. Many know about the uses of hot water in the house. May it be instant coffee or washing hands, you can’t do without a source of hot water in the house. That is why the availability of this electric kettle adds more appeal to this apartment.

The cutlery provided in this apartment is also meant to make your life easier while staying here. The plates, cups, spoons, folks, and non-stick cooking pots will make your cooking and eating experience in this apartment memorable. The dish rack will keep your dishes neatly placed after washing, which helps in keeping the kitchen area tidy.

The water sink in the kitchen ensures that all your kitchen activities are smooth without hiccups, especially for those who cook. The sink is good for washing dishes and cleaning the ceramic marble top in the kitchen. There are also beautifully designed wooden shelves all around the kitchen that ensures that all extra foodstuffs have a place to be kept. Kitchen shelves are very useful when it comes to ensuring that the kitchen stays clean and organized.


3. Bedrooms

Further inside Kalani 1 apartment, two separate bedrooms serve as the bed chambers of the tenants. The bedrooms have tasteful beddings and accessories that will make you want to spend some time there. The kingsize bed and the mattresses have been selected to suit your needs. Each bedroom also has full-wall wardrobes that will act as your clothing storage area. That means for those aiming to stay at this apartment for extended periods, all your clothing and accessories can be kept in these wardrobes.

The bedrooms also contain unique lighting systems that are wall-mounted with exquisite curtain systems to complete the picture. That means spending quality time inside these bedrooms will make you feel at home, especially for those traveling with their families.

Both bedrooms open up to a corridor that contains a ceramic water sink that can be used for brushing teeth, washing face in the morning, or as a beard shaving place. That means the bedrooms are adjacent to each other making it easier for parents traveling with their kids to monitor the ongoings in the kids’ bedroom.

4. Washroom and amenities

The Kalwani A001 apartment has a separate bathroom and toilet area. Unlike other apartments that have a combined washroom that serves as both a toilet and a bathroom, this apartment has two distinct areas housing each facility. That means the inconvenience of waiting for each other to access bathroom facilities is greatly diminished while staying at this apartment. With both facilities centrally placed on the corridor leading to each bedroom, access is also easier and discreet.

In the bathroom, there is an instant hot shower heater which makes it convenient for you to have a bath at any time you wish. With a concern for the cold weather experienced in Kiambu County, the hot shower facility greatly appeals to many tenants of this apartment. The bathroom also contains a face towel and a water bucket.

The face towel provided means that you don’t have to travel with your own while coming to stay at Kalwani A001. The water bucket is provided so that tenants can have the means to wash their clothes or clean the apartment. There are also cloth-hanging pegs provided to ensure that should you wish to have some laundry, it will not be bothersome while staying at this apartment.

In the toilet, there is a nice toilet basin that is thoroughly clean with no noticeable stains on the surface. That goes to show the lengths the management of this apartment goes to keep the apartment ready for tenants. You will also be provided with a roll of toilet paper upon checking in which is a big difference from other apartments in which tenants may suffer the distress of lacking toilet paper. There is also a canister of air freshener in the toilet to aid you in keeping this area fresh and smelling good all the time.

Both the toilet and the have tasteful finishing which is guaranteed to compliment your taste. The ceramic tiles on the floor and walls on both the bathroom and toilet make these facilities look and remain good-looking and clean all the time. They also make cleaning the bathroom and toilet easy for you since all you need to do is simply wipe the surface and the natural look will be restored.

Kalwani A001 Extra Facilities and Services.

1. Water and electricity

The availability of water and electricity is very important to make the tenants’ stay comfortable in any furnished accommodation. When searching for a suitable furnished apartment near me, most tenants will first look for the uninterrupted availability of both water and electricity. Both these important services are available at this apartment.

The apartment has an uninterrupted supply of water connected to the county source. The tenant has unlimited free use of the water while staying at this apartment. That means the bathroom and kitchen will have a continued supply of water, something very important for travelers, especially those traveling with their families.

With the apartment also connected to the national power grid, tenants of this apartment also enjoy continued electricity supply. That means that the fridge and the instant shower in the bathroom will always remain operational. You will not have to worry about food in the fridge going bad or having a cold shower due to lack of electricity.

2. Security and parking

Security is also another major concern for tenants in all furnished rentals. It is imperative for tenants to feel secure and be ensured of their security, especially those traveling with their families. At the Kalwani A001 apartment, your security and that of your property are guaranteed. That is because this apartment is part of an apartment block with a perimeter wall, an electric fence, and the gate is manned by trained security guards. That means while staying at this apartment, you will never have to worry about personal and property security.

The Moon Serenity Apartment block has enough parking space for those with personal vehicles. With the strict entry and exit protocols observed at the gate, your vehicle’s security is guaranteed. Every vehicle entering or exiting the apartment block goes through stringent security checks at the gate to verify ownership. That means only the vehicle’s owner can drive the vehicle away from the premises.

3. Internet services

Tenants at Kalwani A001 apartment have unlimited access to the internet. That means you will stay connected and in touch with all your friends and family through social media. Access to the internet means that you will never get bored while staying in this apartment. Here, you can simply choose to stay indoors and keep yourself busy with the unending entertainment options the internet provides. For those looking for a relaxing getaway around Thindigua and the wider Kiambu County, this apartment should be your first accommodation option.

4. Recreation and fitness

Any furnished apartment should provide recreational facilities to its tenants since a majority of them travel to unwind and relax from their busy work schedules. At Kalwani A001 apartment, tenants have access to a fully functional and well-equipped gym. The gym contains weights, a treadmill, and a stationary bicycle to keep you fit and healthy. You can visit the gym anytime while staying at this apartment and try to gain some fitness exercises.

The apartment block also has a rooftop terrace which tenants can use to relax and unwind after a long day at work. You can have your friends over and enjoy a few drinks on the rooftop while you watch the wider Kiambu area unfold. You can also relax on the rooftop while catching up with your friends through social media by utilizing the free internet available to all tenants.

5. House services

To be able to obtain help whenever you need it is a very appealing quality of any furnished accommodation. There are a lot of things new tenants need help with when they move to new places. That is why the kind of house services you will receive will form a lasting impression about any furnished apartment, especially the ones used for short-stay periods.

The Moon Serenity Apartment block, which houses Kalwani A001 apartment, has a dedicated caretaker on the residence to help the tenants with all their needs. The caretaker is available 24/7 and you will not have to worry about your way while staying at this apartment. That means the tenants of Kalwani A001 apartment will always have someone to direct them around this apartment block. All your queries, concerns, and needs will be promptly addressed when and if they occur.

Furnished Apartments in Thindigua, Kiambu County, Kalwani A001 Price

The price of a furnished apartment will largely depend on a few factors like the location, the extra amenities provided, services provided, security, and many others. These are all things that you should consider before deciding on a particular furnished apartment. You should know that most furnished apartments are charged daily, with some offering discounted rates depending on the period of stay. That leaves the management with the sole discretion of the charges levied to tenants.

Kalwani A001 apartment is one of the fairly priced fully furnished apartments in the Thindigua area of Kiambu County, with a daily rate of Kshs. 4,000. The rate is inclusive of all services enjoyed in the apartment, with no additional charges to the tenant. That is a major difference between this apartment and others in the area and the larger Kiambu County where tenants are subjected to additional hidden charges which end up inconveniencing the tenant and creating a bad impression.

Areas and Places Served by Kalwani A001

With one of the main factors to consider while choosing a furnished apartment being its location, it is important to have your choice of furnished apartment strategically placed near or around your area of operation. The following areas and places, though not necessarily conclusive, are the ones we feel are optimally served by this furnished apartment:

Furnished Apartment Near Me in Nairobi City

Nairobi City is Kenya’s biggest city and metropolis, both by population and size. Many people visit this city daily for different purposes, some of which will take several days to conclude. There are also those city residents who want a quiet environment as their getaway from the hustling and bustling of the city. Whether you are traveling to the city for business or pleasure, or are looking for a serene environment to unwind, you will need a place to stay. That is why the services of a furnished apartment come in handy.

The Kalwani A001 furnished apartment just outside the city in the neighboring Kiambu County offers a quiet two-bedroom accommodation facility for those traveling to the city on business or those who want o get out of the city and relax. With pocket-friendly rates and strategically placed for those who want to maintain contact with the city, this apartment will not disappoint you. Contact 0742 893213 for inquiries, booking, or payment.

Furnished Apartments Near Me in Kiambu Road

Kiambu Road is one of the busiest roads in Nairobi and Kiambu Counties. That is because it serves thousands of people every day. The road commences at Pangani and Muthaiga interchanges along Thika Road and proceeds through Kiambu Town ending at Ndumberi township. Along this road, there are many places to visit like Ruaka Falls, Mugumo Gardens, Kenya National Museum, Snake Center, Buxton Tunnel, and many other places.

There are also many bars and restaurants along this road for those who love the occasional out-of-town fun and recreation. Some of the notable bars and restaurants along Kiambu Road are Zaesco Restaurant, Kentmere Club, The Local Grill, and The Leeks Restaurant among others. Whether you are traveling for fun or have any business along this road, the Kalwani A001 apartment at Thindigua Highway offers you two-bedroom fully furnished accommodation services at the best rates.

Furnished Apartments Near Me in Kiambu Town

Kiambu Town is a town in Kiambu County, Kenya within the Nairobi Metropolitan Region. It is 14 km from the capital Nairobi.  It is the capital of Kiambu County, which bounds the northern border of Nairobi. Being the capital of a county bordering the capital city Nairobi, this town is among the rapidly growing and expanding towns in the country. With this rapid growth, a lot of business opportunities come and therefore the town is bound to receive many visitors daily.

The Kiambu Golf Course, Kiambu district Hospital, and Kiambu Law Courts are the places that attract visitors on official business. Whatever the nature of your visit to Kiambu Town, you will need accommodation services to house you for the duration of your stay in the town. Kalwani A001 apartment is a two-bedroom furnished apartment located on Thindigua Highway, off Kiambu Road that offers visitors the best accommodation services at the best rates in the area. Contact the management on 0742 893213 for vacancy inquiries and booking.

Furnished Apartments Near Me in Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology

As you search for furnished apartments near me around this college, Kalwani A001 is the best option. Colleges will have visitors visiting students or new instructors coming to the college. These people may be unfamiliar with the surrounding area and will need accommodation to get them through their business at the college. That is why good accommodation facilities around the college are vital to its development. Kalwani A001 located twenty minutes away from this college is your best bet for the quality and service offered in furnished apartments. It provides a fully furnished two-bedroomed accommodation suitable for groups or those traveling with their families.

Furnished Apartments Near Me in Ridgeways Estate

With a choice of Kalwani A001, you will get the best accommodation services when searching for furnished apartments near me around Ridgeways Estate in Nairobi, Kenya. This residential area outside Nairobi City mainly houses middle-class Kenyans working there. When visiting this estate or in its environs and needing accommodation services on fully furnished apartments, Kalwani A001, less than twenty-five minutes away, is the perfect option. It’s a fully furnished two-bedroomed apartment which will suit you well whether traveling in a group or with your family. Contact the management on 0742 893213 for availability, reservation, or bookings and you will not be disappointed.

Furnished Apartments Near Me in Runda Estate

Runda Estate is one of the most prestigious estates in Nairobi City, Kenya. It is associated with the rich people and politicians in the country. It is also home to several high commissions, embassies, and consulates, making it one of the most frequented estates in Nairobi. While visiting this estate, it is always good to know the available accommodation facilities in the area. Sometimes, the business conducted within the estate may not end for several days, making it necessary for people to search for accommodation facilities.

Kalwani A001 is a fully furnished two-bedroom apartment twenty minutes away from this estate. It is the most affordable service provider within the vicinity with world-class services. Situated in a gated and secure area along Thindigua Highway, this apartment can accommodate individual travelers or even families. Contact the management on 0742 893213 for inquiries about booking, reservation, and payment details if you are searching for furnished apartments near me at or around this estate.

Furnished Apartments Near Me in Muthaiga Estate

Kalwani A001 will offer visitors to this suburb the best fully furnished apartment at fair rates. Muthaiga suburb is known for the who-is-who in the Kenyan government and corporate heads. It is often termed as the best estate in Kenya. Many foreign embassies and consulates are also located in this area since it offers easy access to the United Nations Headquarters in Africa. While visiting this suburb, it is imperative to know the best accommodation places in the area.

A random google search for furnished apartments near me while in this suburb will give you several options, but don’t be deceived, Kalwani A001 offer the best services. The apartment will provide you with the best two-bedroom furnished accommodation as you conduct your business within this suburb.

Furnished Apartments Near Me in Fourways Junction Estate

The Fourways Junction Estate, Nairobi is another affluent residential estate in the city. The estate is a newly constructed modern house setting that serves many people who work in or around the city. That makes the estate a frequent destination for many visitors all through the year. Many of the visitors to this estate are visiting their loved ones while others are visiting for business purposes.

Kalwani A001, a modern fully furnished two-bedroom apartment located on Thindigua Highway less than twenty minutes away is the perfect accommodation option for visitors to the Fourways Junction Estate. The apartment offers top-quality services at very affordable rates that are guaranteed to be within your reach. Contact the management on 0742 893213 for inquiries and bookings and experience top-rated accommodation services.

Furnished Apartments Near Me in Windsor Golf and Country Club

The Windsor Golf and Country Club in Nairobi is a popular destination for many local and international golf tournaments. The club also houses other activities like tennis and squash. That makes this club a favorite place for many people who want to escape the hectic life of the city, mainly on the weekends. While visiting this club, you should think about accommodation facilities that will match your getaway mood.

Located less than twenty-five minutes away, is the Kalwani A001 fully furnished two-bedroom apartment located along Thindigua Highway off Kiambu Road. The apartment is the perfect accommodation facility within the area, especially for those traveling with their families. With pocket-friendly rates and easy access from the club, you should always consider this apartment when in or around Windsor Golf and Country Club. You can engage the management on 0742 893213 for inquiries and reservations.

Furnished Apartments Near Me at the DCI Headquarters

Kalwani A001 provides the best short-term accommodation services for those visiting the DCI headquarters in Muthaiga Nairobi, Kenya. Located in Mazingira House on Kiambu Road, the DCI headquarters is home to many security personnel in the country. It also houses all major crime investigative departments in the country; therefore, it enjoys a lot of visitors daily. Given the activities and people operating from this security headquarters, it becomes integral to have good accommodation facilities around the area.

Located twenty-five minutes away from this security headquarters, Kalwani A001 offers the best two-bedroomed accommodation facilities at the most affordable rates. These apartments are fully furnished and are within a gated compound for extra security. You can reach the management through 0742 893213 for further inquiries about availability and booking.

FAQs About Furnished Apartments

The following are the frequently asked questions about furnished apartments by the people who visit Kalwani A001 for accommodation facilities:

What is the difference between a fully furnished and semi-furnished apartment?

Many of our customers wish to know the difference between a fully furnished apartment and a semi-furnished one. The following are their brief descriptions:
Fully furnished apartments have everything you need to live in comfort without personal additions. All the house areas have been sufficiently equipped to cater to almost all customer needs. The customer needs to avail themselves, pay the rent, and move in. It is also why they are referred to as ‘turnkey’ apartments, in that you turn the key and start living in the apartment. An example of a fully furnished apartment is Kalwani 1 on Thindigua Highway off Kiambu Road in Kiambu County. All the customer needs to do is pay the rent and start living in the apartment as a regular home.
semi-furnished apartment is equipped with fewer necessities than a fully furnished one. Here, you will only find the basics required to survive. A chair/couch, bed, and a table are the significant furnishings, while some landlords may throw in a TV, a cooking stove, and a refrigerator. Note that in semi-furnished apartments, the customer will still need to purchase the bulk of the necessities for the apartments, unlike in the fully furnished apartments where the customers purchase little to none of these furnishings.

What considerations should be made before choosing a furnished apartment?

Some people ask about what should be considered before a choice of a furnished apartment is made. The following are the factors to consider in your choice of a furnished apartment:
Rental period – The amount of time spent on the rental is vital since it will translate to the amount of money spent on rent. As established, furnished apartments are the best for those constantly moving between places and those who don’t plan to stay at the same home for long. That is because the rent for furnished apartments is usually higher than that of the unfurnished ones. That means it’s better to consider usual unfurnished apartments for prolonged rental periods while choosing furnished apartments are recommended for short periods. For the best short-term accommodation while in Nairobi City and Kiambu County, consider Kalwani 1 two-bedroom furnished apartment at Thindigiua Highway off Kiambu Road.
Personal tastes – Different people have different preferences for furniture, utensils, and beddings. It may be hard for these tastes to be catered for in furnished apartments. It is recommended to find an unfurnished apartment if you have specific needs that need to be met in an apartment. But for those without particular preferences, furnished apartments should be the better choice.
Rental terms – Although the objective of staying in a particular area will determine the rental time or period, terms and conditions included in the rent agreement should also be considered. Some contracts offer discounts on lengthy rental periods, meaning that it will be cheaper to rent for more extended periods than shorter ones. If you plan to stay for more than a month, you should consider making monthly payments rather than daily payments.
Deposits and extra payments – Some rental agreements for furnished apartments require deposits to be paid as security. Customers may also be required to pay additional security fees to cover the furniture and other appliances in the apartment. It is upon the customer to understand the rent agreement before any commitments have been made.
Fully furnished or semi-furnished – Some people would like to buy their household appliances and furniture while still in a furnished apartment. If you are in this category, you should consider semi-furnished apartments since they have space for additions. On the other hand, if you don’t want to suffer the inconvenience of buying extra appliances and furniture, fully furnished apartments are the ones for you.
Convenience – Whatever you are doing in a new town or city, the choice the furnished apartment made should be easily accessible from your place of business, work, or vacation. Road networks and to be covered should determine the location of your furnished apartment. For example, if you are in the Nothern parts of Nairobi City or the Kiambu Town area, Kalwani 1 should be your choice of a two-bedroom furnished apartment. It is easily accessible from all Nothern, North-Eastern, and North-Western parts.
Security – Another important consideration to be made when going for furnished apartments is the security provided in the apartment. Many of those going for furnished apartments are always new to that place and therefore need their personal and property security assured. You can only achieve this kind of security if the landlord has established proper security measures in and around the apartment. The availability of a perimeter wall, CCTV cameras, security guards, and electric fence, among other security measures, should be considered in any choice of a furnished apartment.
Utilities provided – The utilities covered in the rent should also be considered when choosing a furnished apartment. The landlord should clearly explain electricity and water bills and whether they are covered in the rent. Many rent contracts for furnished apartments cover electricity and water while others don’t. You should fully understand what is covered in the rent and what is excluded or what forms part of additional charges.
Extras – There are also extra services that landlords provide in a furnished apartment to attract customers. Currently, the availability of free internet in any furnished apartment is among the considerations many potential tenants make before making a choice. Gym and fitness services should also be considered as part of the extra services a furnished apartment has to offer.

What are the advantages of furnished apartments?

The benefits someone will gain in a furnished apartment are also among the common questions tenants at Kalwani 1 ask. We consider the following as among the main advantages of furnished apartments:
– Low initial costs: Costs of moving from one place to another are more when your furniture and appliances are included.
– Easy movement: Moving to furnished apartments is more manageable since only personal luggage is needed to move in.
– Time-saving: Furnishing an apartment can be a time-consuming affair since you will personally have to look for the desired furniture hence wasting a lot of time in the process.

What are the shortcomings of furnished apartments?

Some wish to know about the disadvantages of furnished apartments. The only major drawback is that furnished apartments can be costly in the long run. That is because they attract higher rental fees than unfurnished ones. It is better to consider unfurnished apartments if you plan to stay in one place for more than a year.

What are the responsibilities of a tenant in furnished apartments?

Many also ask about the responsibilities of a tenant in furnished apartments. What the tenant is responsible for in a furnished apartment is a thorny issue since there are no clear guidelines, and it will depend from one landlord to another. However, consider the following general rules in a tenant-landlord agreement in furnished apartments:
– Repairs and general maintenance: Furniture, fixtures, and fittings are bound to undergo wear and tear. The landlord is responsible for the general care and repairs associated with this.
– Breakages and damages: These are the damages that are more than wear and tear. The tenant is responsible for the repair or replacement in such instances.
– Maintainance of electrical appliances: The landlord is responsible for repairs on electrical appliances that become faulty through no tenant’s fault. However, if the tenant is at fault through neglect or negligence, they become liable for the repairs or replacement.

Are Furnished apartments cheaper?

People ask whether it is cheaper to get furnished apartments or not. The answer will depend on the rental period you want to spend on the apartment. For long rental periods, over one year, it is advisable to get unfurnished apartments, while for shorter rental periods, you should get furnished apartments.

Are furnished apartments bad?

Some ask if furnished apartments are bad. The answer is NO. It all depends on the individual preference. If you have your furniture and can move it, it is better to go to an unfurnished apartment, but it’s best to move to a furnished apartment if you don’t have your furniture. That will save you the time and costs of buying furniture at short notice.

Do furnished apartments cost more?

People ask if furnished rentals cost more than unfurnished ones. It will also depend on the rent period. It will be more costly to rent a furnished apartment in the long run, while renting a furnished apartment in the short run will be economical. Consider, for example, going to a new city on an assignment at the branch office which will take two months to finish. It would be less costly to get a furnished apartment than an unfurnished one whereby you will do all the furnishing yourself.

Can you request a furnished apartment to be unfurnished?

Some wonder whether they can request furnished rentals to be unfurnished. The answer is NO. Landlords provide furnished accommodation targeting a particular group of clients. Whenever you need to get your furnishings, it is better to leave the furnished apartment and get an unfurnished one. Some people will even start furnishing a separate apartment while still staying at the furnished one to avoid the inconvenience of starting living in an empty house.

Do furnished apartments include a TV?

The question of whether a TV is included in furnished rentals is also common. It will depend on whether they are fully furnished or semi-furnished. Semi-furnished apartments will not have a TV since it is considered a luxury item. Fully furnished apartments should include a TV since it is a significant appliance in most houses. An example of an apartment with a TV is Kalwani 1 in Thindigua Highway off Kiambu Road in Kiambu County, Kenya.

Do furnished apartments include a refrigerator?

There is also a question of whether furnished rentals include a fridge. Most fully furnished apartments include a fridge, microwave, and cooking stove. Semi-furnished apartments will not have these items. It is upon the tenant to inquire whether the apartment has a refrigerator or not. Kalwani 1 in Thindigua Highway off Kiambu Road in Kiambu County, Kenya is an example of a fully furnished apartment with a refrigerator, microwave, and cooking stove.

Do furnished apartments include utensils?

There is also a common question of whether furnished rentals include utensils. Fully furnished apartments will have all cooking and eating utensils in the kitchen. Semi-furnished apartments will not have utensils, and the tenant will have to come with their own. Kitchen utensils are essential in a kitchen, especially for those traveling with their families. The tenant should inquire whether the kitchen is fully equipped and what is included before signing the rent agreement. Kalwani 1 in Thindigua Highway off Kiambu Road, Kiambu County, Kenya has a fully equipped kitchen with all the necessary utensils ready for the tenant to use.

Do landlords provide window curtains in furnished apartments?

Another common question is whether landlords provide window curtains in furnished rentals. In fully furnished apartments, the landlord provides all window curtains in the apartment. In semi-furnished apartments, the landlord may or may not offer the curtains. The tenant should inquire from the landlord if the curtains are provided or not.

Should the landlord replace worn-out sofas in furnished apartments?

There is also a growing concern among tenants on whether the landlord should replace worn-out sofas. The landlord’s responsibility is to maintain all provided furniture and furnishings in pristine condition. If the tenant in a furnished apartment feels that the couch needs replacement, they should inform the landlord to do the replacement. Should the landlord fail to repair or replace furniture provided in the agreement, the tenant is entitled by law to terminate the tenancy agreement.

What repairs is the tenant responsible for in furnished apartments?

Some ask about the repairs that should be made by the tenant in furnished rentals. The tenant is responsible for minor repairs like replacing locks, replacing non-functioning bulbs, damaged water taps, broken door handles, and broken windows unless the damage is due to natural causes. For damages caused by natural occurrences like earth tremors and quakes, the responsibility then goes to the landlord, however minor the repair. The tenancy agreement should stipulate the kind of repairs the tenant should perform and those to be done by the landlord.

Who is responsible for a broken shower and toilet in a furnished apartment?

Many people will ask who is responsible for broken toilets and showers in furnished apartments. The landlord’s responsibility is to provide the tenant with proper working sanitation facilities, including repair and maintenance of toilet and shower facilities. Damages should be reported to the landlord or their representative for the necessary action.

Who is responsible for garbage in furnished apartments?

Some want to know who is responsible for garbage collection in furnished apartments. In many furnished apartments, the landlord is responsible for disposing of garbage collected from a central location for all furnished apartments. However, the tenant has to take their waste to the main collection point. Some fully furnished apartments provide house cleaning services, in which case the house cleaners will take out the garbage every day before cleaning the apartment.

Who is responsible for carpets in furnished apartments?

People also ask about who should be responsible for carpets in furnished rentals. The landlord is responsible for carpets where they have been provided. The landlord should keep track of and replace worn-out carpets before showing wear and tear signs. Worn-out carpets are an eyesore, and the tenant should remove them from the apartment and inform the landlord.

When choosing from a list of furnished apartments in Thindigua, you should be careful to ensure that you get your money’s worth from the apartment. This article has tried to highlight about Kalwani A001, a fully furnished two-bedroom apartment in The Moon Serenity Apartment block located along Thindigua Highway off Kiambu Road in Kiambu County in Kenya. Hopefully, the article will help you make an informed decision should you be looking for a furnished apartment in or around these areas. You can contact the management on 0742 893213 for inquiries, reservations, and bookings.

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