Lovely fully furnished apartment in Thindigua

What is furnished apartment?

This is an apartment that is equipped with all necessities that makes life livable.Most of these items includes beds,bedings,sofa,table,TV Set and basic kitchen appliances while others may also include microwaves,fridge,toaster,electric kettle.Furnished apartment are advantageous to rent because they are easy to move in(only need to carry personal effects. A fully furnished kitchen has every appliance and ingredient you need to cook meals for yourself.

Kalwani 001

Nestled in a serene neighborhood located along Kiambu Road approximately 5km from Kiambu town and 5 minutes drives from Ridgeways mall.The apartment are lovely spacious and provide a homely environment for all the guest visiting.





They are open kitchen designed to ensure the room is airly,brighten the room and allow one to cook and socialize with family members at the same time.Our open kitchen is fitted with all the necessary items need to make your stay as comfortable as possible. we have a frigde to make sure your food stay long without going bad,a microwave to warm your food,an elecric kettle to warm or boil water,cups, plates,spoons ,knives,bows and cooking pot.we have also provided a 4 burner gas to ensure fast cooking.The gas is refilled immediately it runs out.Drinking bottled water is provided on daily bases.we also offer coffee,sugar and salt sachets to welcome the guest.FULLY FURNISHED


Our sitting area is furnished with a 1- 3 seater and 2 single seats which blends well with our brown table.The sitting area is fitted with a 32” smart  which is connected to our high speed internet.The internet makes it possible to work at home as well enjoy services such as youtube ,netfix as well as  communicate with you loved ones.The room has a carpet https://www.decoist.comspread to make sure the area is more welcoming and attractive as well as make you as comfortable as possible.



The apartment has 2 bedroom which in each a neatly spread queen size bed meets you.The bedding such as bed sheet,bed-cover ,mattress cover as well as pillow casses are cleaned on daily bases as well as the floor.An extra duvet is also available incase additional warmth is required.There is also a white large size towel as well as face towel.An iron box to ensure your clothes are neat and straight is provided.The room have wardrobes with drawers to ensure your clothes are stored properly and neatly.Kalwani 001 (Thindigua)


They are found inside the room.Both the bathroom and toilet are separate to avoid inconveniencing the family member who would wish to use the alternative.We provide bathing soap as well as tissues,pegs and have provided hanging lines once clothes are cleaned.Our bathroom has got hot shower .


Water is an importantt necessecity in our lives.we provide clean water that is available throughout the year under our own cost. we also have branded bottled drinking water.The electricity is available as well as  very reliable.


Our apartments are located at just 200 meters from Thindigua. Thindigua town is growing so fast because of the rapid investments taking place within the area.With this in mind and the large population  in the area,Many supermarket such as Quick mart, has been established.

The supermarket deals with all human necessity from fresh food,to canned food,to cooked food.This ensures that no one can sleep hungry since they close at wee hours of the night.Ridgways mall is also a massive shopping centre which operates for 24hrs.The mall is just 3kms from Thindigua town


The Kalwani apartments are located  7.8 kilometres from Kiambu town.They are joined by a well tarmaced roads which runs from Nairobi to kiambu through Thindigua.Kiambu town being the capital of kiambu county provides a variety of services the guest may require.There are major hospitals such as Kiambu sub county level 5 ,bliss Medical centre, and many others that provides quality health services for 24hours.

There are also restaurant in kiambu town such as urban spoon ,connecticus, bahamas which offers takeaway foods.


The Kalwani furnished apartment are located just 2.8 kilometers from Windsor Golf club.Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club is a city hotel with a difference. Its Located15 minutes drive from Nairobi’s Central Business District and 45 minutes’ drive from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Windsor is a Victorian-themed hotel with  rooms, conferencing and event space spread across acres of beautiful gardens catering for up over 2,000 people. Our world famous 18-hole golf course takes your breath away the moment you step into the hotel.

Other facilities at Windsor includes a restaurant, a bar, a club house and a business center. There is also a gym and spa, a fabulous jogging track that winds through a tropical forest, tennis & squash courts and a heated pool. The hotel is a mere 15 minutes drive from Nairobi’s Central Business District and 45 minutes’ drive from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.For guests who are fun or players of golf,Kalwani apartments is the place to be due to the proximity.

PROXIMITY TO  Kenyatta University Teaching, Research & Referral Hospital

Our fully furnished apartments are located 17minutes from KUTRRH.For both work and heath related issues that need treatment,Kalwani is the best place to be.This is because of its close location to the hospital as well as  warm and temperate climate. This means a stay at own apartment would not pose any  health related  threat as a result of cold to adult as well as children Kalwani provides both short stays accommodation as well as long stays,

For the long stay the guest gets the best discount any furnished apartment can gives.The Road from Kalwani to KUTRRH through the northern bypass is well tarmed to ensure time taken is less and no inconveniences to the guests.The price of a Taxi from our furnished apartments to Kenyatta University Teaching, Research & Referral Hospital will cost one less than $5 .


Want to enjoy a walk with nature. Need a a place to stay for the day before and after the nature walk? Our fully furnished aparment are located  8 kilometers from Karura forest.The forest provides great relaxation and recreational value for  dwellers within the locality.


The Kalwani apartments are located 6.8 kilometers from The famous Two Rivers Mall.Two rivers mall gives visitors unique experiences all around. There are enough recreational facilities for  kids and adults such as Amusement Park,Ferris Wheel (Eye of Kenya),Magic Planet

The mall has ample parking for cars, several eateries eg Cold Stone Creamery,Java House Express,Silver Spur Restaurant,Burger King,Galitos,and much more.There also banks,medical care as well as shopping mall.The guest can therefore engage in most of the activity which will enturn make his stay enjoyable at our Kalwani furnished apartments..

F & Q

Is it preferable to have a open kitcthen plan?

An open kitchen

  1.  allows you to cook and socialize with the family or dinner guests at the same time
  2. opens up a home and creates better traffic flow
  3. can turn a dim kitchen into a bright, airy room.i
  4. it can make your kitchen more versatile — functional for both everyday activities and entertaining.

What is the advantages of having internet in furnished apartment?

1.It allows connection. The internet connects the entire world.

2.It enhances communication.One can make call,send messages online

3It enables easy access of information which may  be educative

4. Entertainment.


What are the disadvantages of having internet in a furnished apartment?

With access to billions of computers, computer hackers and malicious users can hack accounts and steal personal information that could be used for identity theft. The Internet also connects all computers, so hackers can scan millions of computers and quickly identify what computers are vulnerable to attack.

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