Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605

KSh 4,000.00

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The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 is a fully furnished one-bedroom apartment found in the heart of Ruaka town on the outskirts of Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi.

It is the ideal place for those traveling alone or as a couple and who want some touch of luxury in the apartment.

Read on to learn why this is the place to stay for everyone looking for a place to stay around Nairobi City or its environs.

Getting to The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M602

To access The Moon Furnished Apartments from the Nairobi city center, the shortest route to use is Limuru Road. This road will take you straight to Ruaka where the apartment block is located. It is around 14 Kilometer away and can’t take more than 30 minutes to drive to, from the city center.

If you want to avoid the Nairobi City Center when going to The Moon Furnished Apartments, just follow any of the four Bypass roads that surround Nairobi. The apartment block is located a short distance from the junction of the Western and Northern Bypass roads in Ruaka.

These two bypass roads seamlessly connect to the Southern and Eastern Bypass roads that, in turn, connect on the opposite side of Nairobi.

To get to The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 while already in the apartment block, you will use the stairs or the elevator. The elevator is most popular since it is a more private way to get to the apartment.

The elevator runs from the first floor of the apartment block up to the seventh floor, a floor above the sixth floor where the M605 apartment is located. The elevator is functional even at times of power blackouts since the establishment has a standby power generator.

The stairs run from the basement area through to the seventh floor and can also be used to get there. This is not a popular method since it is a little bit tiring, but for those out to do body exercises, then this is the method to use. The stairs are panel lit which makes them useful even at night.

The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 Sitting Room

From outside, The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 is clearly labeled at the door with a large hard-to-miss sign.  On entering the apartment, you will get to the sitting room first. The room is tastefully furnished with a beautiful layout.

There is a three-seater sofa set which is a nice place to relax at the end of a long day. Next to the sofa is a king chair which can be utilized when watching the flat-screen digital TV connected to satellite channels. Catch up on your favorite TV stations from the comfort of this chair.

The sitting area also has a study desk which will come in handy especially when you want to catch up with some work on your personal computer.  From here, you get to write that pending report and submit it to head office.

There is also a dining area at the far end near the kitchenette. You can seat and enjoy a meal or invite some friends over for drinks.  The metal frame granite top coffee table is also a big supplement in the sitting area. Here, you get to have a place to put your phone or other personal items while relaxing on the comfortable sofa set.

The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 Kitchenette

The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M602 has an equipped kitchenette from where you can prepare your meals. It is furnished with a tabletop gas cooker which will cook your meal within no time.

The beautifully designed shelves can be used to store your foodstuffs while the hot and cold water tap in the sink will ensure that your kitchenette stays clean.

All the required kitchen utensils like cooking pots, spoons, knives, plates, cups, and all other necessary cutlery are provided in the kitchen. This will make sure that your meals are prepared with no stress whatsoever.

The electric kettle and toaster will come in handy whenever you feel like having a snack or for the preparation of morning breakfast. There is also a fridge and a microwave strategically placed in the kitchenette.

The fridge can be used to store all perishables like vegetables or any leftover foods. The microwave will warm your food or defrost frozen foods and get them ready for consumption within a short period. Kitchen towels and cleaning detergents will also be provided for a complete kitchen setup.

The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 Washroom

The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 washroom is spacious enough to allow for a shower area and a toilet. The shower area has a cold and hot water tap to accommodate every bath preference. Shower necessities like towels and soaps are provided.

The management has also provided a pair of bath slippers to be used indoors. The toiletries like toilet paper have also been provided plus toilet cleaning detergents. Tenants should always keep the washrooms clean since they can be a source of health-related diseases.

The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 Bedroom

The bedroom of The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 is a well-designed room with a comfortable-looking bed near the window. The bed contains a comfortable mattress that will guarantee a good night’s sleep after a long day.

The freshly changed linen and beddings will also keep you warm at night with a mosquito net that will keep the mosquitoes away in case any sneaks in. The room is carpeted to avoid the discomfort of stepping on cold floors especially in the morning.

There is a bedside table that can be used to place your phone, wallet, or any other personal stuff before going to bed. The bedside socket will ensure your phone stays powered even while catching up on social media while in bed.

The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 Extras

Balcony – The apartment has a balcony that opens from the sitting room. In The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 balcony, you can enjoy your day end watching the surrounding area from here. The balcony can also be the perfect spot to enjoy your drinks at the end of the day.

WIFI – All rooms in The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 have free WIFI connection. This is one of the facilities that make people choose to stay at this apartment. Internet connection is very useful especially to those on holiday since it’s the best way to catch up with friends and colleagues online.

Water – You never have to worry about water availability while staying at The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605. The apartment block is connected to the County water supply line to supply water to this apartment.

However, should that fail, there is a borehole in the premises which provides water that is later purified before being pumped to the apartment. This ensures that your taps never run dry.

Electricity – The MANAGEMENT is responsible for the amount of electricity used while at the apartment.

The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 has a meter to monitor power consumption. The establishment also has a power backup generator to ensure that the apartment never lacks power, especially after a national grid outage.

Housekeeping – There is a dedicated crew of well-trained cleaners and caretakers ready to keep The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 clean at all times. They will ensure a timely and frequent change of towels and the general cleanliness of the apartment.

The crew employed has been personally handpicked and vetted by the management to ensure that your security and privacy while staying in this apartment will never be compromised.

Common Facilities at The Moon Furnished Apartments

These are the facilities you will be able to access or enjoy while staying at The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605. They are shared by all the tenants in the apartment block. They are:

  1. Front desk services

The management has a dedicated front office that will handle all your requests. They will make sure that all check-in and check-out requests are promptly addressed and executed.

The office runs 24/7 and you will never lack someone to handle requests any time of day or night while staying at The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605.

  1. Charged services

These are the services that will attract extra charges on the tenant on request. car services, laundry services, ironing services, and shoe shining services are all available upon request by the tenant.

These services are paid for immediately after they are rendered and their charges are not part of the house rent. For car hire and rental services, the payment is done before the service is rendered because they are outsourced to third parties.

  1. Security

The Moon Furnished Apartments block is one of the most secure places in the Ruaka area. The premises has round-the-clock CCTV coverage in all the common areas. There are cameras on the fence to make sure that all movement is monitored within and outside the apartment block.

There is a concrete perimeter wall topped with razor wire and an electric fence to make sure that any entry into the premises is fully controlled.

The apartment block also has highly trained security guards from a reputable security firm who man the entire block throughout. While staying at The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605, you can be sure no unauthorized visitors will be allowed to your apartment.

The solar flood lights will make sure that the whole grounds of the apartment block are completely covered hence deterring any unnecessary movements, especially at night.

Every apartment in this block has a fire extinguisher. The block also has a fire hose to make sure that in case of any fire, it can be quickly put off.

There is also a Police Station less than 10 minutes away which can provide quick backup to any security breach or incident reported within the premises.

You can be sure while staying at The Moon Apartments M605 Apartment your security is fully guaranteed.

  1. Parking

The Moon Apartments block has ample and secure parking for all vehicles. The basement of the building and the first floor is where you will park your vehicle while staying at The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605. This area is under round-the-clock surveillance which guarantees the security of your vehicle.

The management also issues special tickets to all incoming vehicles which should be returned at the gate while leaving the premises. This ensures that only the owner of a vehicle can drive it out as vehicles without these special tickets cannot be allowed to exit.

  1. Recreation and fitness facilities

The Moon Furnished Apartments block has a glass-walled rooftop terrace which is divided into a gym area and a recreation area. The gym helps you with your fitness issues while staying at The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605. In the gym, you can use the treadmill, stand cycle, and dumbbells to stay fit.

Any extra calories consumed can be sweated-off in this place. There is also a washroom with shower and toilet facilities which can be used after hitting the gym.

The terrace recreation area has a long, L-shaped concrete table surrounded by chairs plus a barbeque grill to help you in case you feel like entertaining your friends. Just come with your supplies of drinks and meat and you can enjoy the night away while appreciating the expansive surrounding scenery.

This area can be utilized for bonding exercises especially when on corporate retreats or when celebrating special events with friends and family.

The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 Price

For a furnished one-bedroom apartment in a prime location, The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 is very cheaply priced. Its price is very affordable especially when measured against the facilities offered in this particular apartment or the whole block.

Scroll up this page to the price section to see our price. Contact the management for further payment details or visit the apartment block for details.

Prominent neighbours of The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605

These are the places that you can check out while staying at The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605.

First on this list should be the Two Rivers Mall which is the biggest mall in East and Central Africa, including Kenya. Here, you will have fun doing all the shopping and getting to sample all that the mall has to offer.

The mall is located less than 15 minutes’ drive from the apartment block.  You can also visit The Village Market or The Rosslyn Riviera Mall for any shopping needs you may have while staying in this apartment block.

You can also visit the Ndenderu or Wangige open-air markets. These are the biggest markets for fresh groceries, cereals and other farm produce on this side of Nairobi. Here, all your grocery needs will be quickly taken care of especially for your cooking needs.

You will also get fresh fruits straight from the nearby farms which is something hard to come by while in the city.

The Karura Forest, Masai Market, Giraffe Centre, and the Nairobi National Park are other places you can visit while staying at The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605. These places make good relaxation spots for individuals and families.

For the fun junkies, La Veranda Bar, Havilah Bar, La Cascada Sports Bar, and Club Decimo are all within 10 minutes’ drive from this apartment block. Here, you can get all the excitement bars and lounges can provide.


Whether you are planning to stay in Nairobi City for a short, medium- or long-term period and need a furnished place to stay, The Moon Furnished One Bedroom Apartment No. M605 is perfect for you.

This apartment will offer you the comfort and luxury you need for business or leisure at a pocket-friendly price. Contact the management for booking or reservation of this apartment.


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