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serviced apartments

What is the meaning of serviced Apartments

Serviced Apartments are fully furnished apartments which are available for guests, and can either be for a long term stay, or a short term stay.

These Apartments provide all amenities required in a house, housekeeping services and also other special services like free wifi, gym among others, without any extra charges

why do people stay in serviced apartments?

Different people will have different reasons as to why they would chose a furnished or Serviced Apartment over a hotel maybe, but generally, there are some considerations that are considered as basic decision pace setters. Some of the most common reasons people will chose serviced and furnished Apartments over and over again include the following:

  1. Many people consider hotel rooms unfriendly. These kind of apartments are able to give you the home feeling, even when you are far from home.
  2. cost effectiveness. With Serviced Apartments, you don’t have to downgrade to a 2 star hotel for you to accommodate your budget.
  3. Serviced Apartments are less crowded compared to hotels. Many of them will have few rooms and hence less people and noise. Many apartments of this kind are built in out of town cool suburban places, giving you all the peace and privacy you would desire.
  4. More spacious and flexible. Most serviced or furnished Apartments are 30% more spacious than normal hotel. many have a separate kitchen, living room and also places for personal study.

what should you look for in a Serviced Apartment?

If you are a business traveler, or a leisure traveler, one thing that can either make your visit memorable or horrible is where you stay. For those especially looking to stay for a long term, two weeks plus, this is very key to consider.

The best thing about serviced or furnished Apartments is that they are replacing hotels, being more service oriented than money oriented. You would not want to have a busy, enjoyable and maybe tiresome day only for you to come back to where you stay, and the place does not give you relief. I have prepared 5 key features to look out for to ensure you get the value of your choice.

5 things to consider when choosing a serviced apartment

  1. Reliable cleaning Services. Look out for the services category of the apartment you want to book. The services include laundry. Make sure they atleast have a clear information on the services they provide and that they are services that are essential to make your stay exciting enough.
  2. Amenities. What makes a serviced or furnished Apartment different from many hotels, is its ability to give you a home feeling, by providing you with as much of what would make that possible, to the maximum. Amenities like a fitness centre, security, car park, back up generators are some of the amenities to look out for.
  3. Location. This one is a necessity to look out to. Serviced Apartments should not be located in noisy places, like the CBD. Most likely if you are looking for such an apartment, it is to escape from the noise of your daily life and a serene environment will come in handy.

Location also comes in, depending on your convenience. An apartment can be very good, but                          inconveniences you. If you are a leisure traveler, you will most likely chose one that is near tourist attraction sites and attraction. You may also consider the travelling convenience, the roads conditions and accessibility to important services, including the city. 

4. A comfortable furnishings. This will include a comfortable matress. The Apartment should not only offer amenities and furnish the place, only for the amenities to be broken down, or too old to serve as you would want. If an apartment is not ready to invest in your comfort, they shoudn’t expect you to invest your time with them.

5. A fully equipped kitchen. If you are going to have a home feeling and experience in serviced apartments, then the kitchen comes in very handy. you should consider this to ensure you don’t spend more unnecessarily over small kitchen needs.

luxury serviced apartments in Nairobi

Nairobi is a city that is rich in all sorts of Serviced Apartments, and even the 5 star modern hotels.

The following are some of the best luxurious serviced Apartments at the vicinity of Nairobi, with no order of significance.

1.The moons Apartment

Located just 10km from Nairobi CBD, in ruaka, this apartments serve the convenience of accessing the city via the Northern bypass or the Limuru road. When the proposed Western bypass is also complete, it will also link Ruaka to the city as well

The Apartment is fitted with a fitness centre, Ample space for parking, wifi, an elevator and a rooftop recreational terrace. It also has a back up generator installed just incase there is a power outage

2.Kingfisher Nest

Located in Nairobi westlands, this Apartment, the apartment provides excellent city views. Their services include, accomodation, a bar, a restaurant, and a shared lounge.

kingfisher nest

3. Mimosa court Apartment

These Apartments are located just 2.1 km from Nairobi CBD, next to the 18 hole Nairobi golf course in Gong road. fitted with a fitness centre, wellness spa, a restaurant, outdoor pool with towel service, conference facilities, it will serve your luxurious needs.

mimosa apartments

4.Skynest residences by Cityblue.

These Apartments are located just 1.8 km from national museum. Fitted with a rooftop of amenities ranging from resident lawn and party area, barbeque and buffet area with a capacity for 400 guests, an infinity heated swimming pool, state of the art gym and sauna, a squash court and a games room with snooker and table tennis.

skynest residences by cityblue

Serviced Apartments Near Me

Serviced Apartments In Ruaka

1.The Moon Apartment

2.Shamari’s Ruaka furnished apartments

3.Bliss Park apartments

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’S)

  1. what is the difference between a hotel and a serviced apartment

A hotel is just an entreprise that offers accomodation to guests and tourists over. A serviced apartment on the hand is a fully furnished apartment with a fully equipped kitchen and a provides a home like feeling, mostly equipped for a long stay.

2.why are serviced Apartments better than hotels

The serviced apartments offer more spacious accomodation, 30% more than hotels, and they are averagely cheaper as they are modelled for long stays.

3. How long can i stay in a serviced Apartment

In a serviced apartment, you can stay for long periods, even for a year, as long as the apartment does not offer duration restrictions. short stays of a week or two are also available.

4. What is the difference between serviced and non serviced apartments

Serviced apartments offer more convenience and luxury. The presence of an active customer service makes the difference, as even though non serviced apartments may have customer service, it is at low level class.

5.What is an aparthotel

An aparthotel is a combination of the best parts of a hotel with the best part of a luxury apartment, as the name would sugest. it will come with a spacious kitchen and living space to give the home feeling.

6. can you cook in serviced apartments

yes you can . Serviced Apartments come with fully equipped kitchens, making it convenient for long stays, and one can cook anything, from complex to moderate cooking.

7. What is the difference between a serviced apartment and a condominium

Serviced apartments operate more like hotels, sitting on land registered as commercial land. its individual units are generally owned by the same person. Condominiums on the other hand sit on private residential areas, and its individual units are owned by different people.


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