Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606

KSh 3,000.00

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The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606 is a studio apartment on the sixth floor of The Moon Furnished Apartments block in Ruaka on the northern outskirts of Nairobi city in Kenya. Its location makes it the perfect place for a quick getaway from home and within reach of the Nairobi Central Business District.

This article will highlight all the main features of this apartment with the intention to help you make an informed decision whenever planning to rent it for a short, medium- or long-term stay.

Getting to The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606

To get to The Moon Furnished Apartments from the Nairobi city center, the shortest route to use is Limuru Road. This road will take you straight to Ruaka where the apartment block is located. It is around 14 Kilometer away and can’t take more than 30 minutes to drive to, from the city center.

If you want to avoid the Nairobi City Center when going to The Moon Furnished Apartments, just follow any of the four Bypass roads that surround Nairobi. The apartment block is located a short distance from the junction of the Western and Northern Bypass roads in Ruaka.

These two bypass roads seamlessly connect to the Southern and Eastern Bypass roads that, in turn, connect on the opposite side of Nairobi.

To get to The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606 itself while in the building, you can use a stairway or an elevator. The stairway runs from the basement of the apartment complex to the seventh floor which allows for easy access from anywhere in the building. This is the best way to get to the apartment when not in a hurry since it will give you the chance to appreciate the building from bottom to top.

The elevator on the other hand serves those in a hurry to get to the apartment or those with physical challenges. It serves the whole building from the basement parking up to the top floor. The apartment block has a backup generator which ensures that the elevator service is never interrupted even after a power blackout.

Inside The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606

After getting to the apartment, the door opens to reveal a beautifully and tastefully furnished expansive room divided into a sitting area, kitchenette, washroom, and sleeping area. There is also a side door that leads you to the balcony.

Sitting area. 

The sitting area of The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606 contains a sofa/ day bed plus two armchairs. The sofa can be used to relax after a day of work while watching the flat-screen satellite TV.

The armchairs will also double as the dinner seats from which you can have your meals. There is also a coffee table for placing your phone, glasses, and other personal items while in the sitting area. A study desk is placed at a corner so that tenants can also catch up on their office work from their laptop computers.


In The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606 kitchen area, there is a burner stove that can be used to prepare meals. All the required utensils for the preparation of meals are provided by the management.

The kitchen sink with cold and hot water taps will be of great help while preparing your meals. The kitchenette also contains a refrigerator and microwave which can be used to store perishables and left-over food and warm them whenever necessary.

The kitchen towels and washing detergents provided enable the tenants to keep the kitchen clean at all times. Also, the kitchenette contains a dishrack to keep all the utensils and keep the area organized.

Cooking pots, plates, cups, spoons, and all necessary cutlery needed in the kitchen have also been provided. There is also an electric kettle and a toaster provided for that quick snack or morning beverages. With all the necessary tools for preparing meals provided in this kitchenette, all you need to do is buy your food supplies, and the preparation of food will be a breeze for you.

There is also a smoke detector on the ceiling right above the cooking place which can detect fire in case something is on fire. This device is the first response to fires within the apartment since it sounds the alarm at the same time spraying water to try and put the fire off.

The apartment has a fire extinguisher too. There is also a water hose that serves the whole building. This equipment makes sure that in case of a fire, the staff and tenants are able to fight it as they wait for the county fire department firefighters to arrive.

While staying at The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606, you won’t have to worry about fire, and in case an accident happens, the fire will not spread.

Sleeping area. 

The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606 comes with a bed and beddings. This bed is large enough and comfortable to allow for a luxurious peaceful sleep. The beddings are very clean and they are changed daily to keep them fresh always.

The carpet eases the discomfort of stepping onto the cold floor especially when barefoot. There is also the bedside table which allows you a place to keep your private belongings. You can lock sensitive items like money on the bedside table.

The bedside socket can be used to charge your phone while in bed. This means you can catch up with your friends on social media while in bed without worrying about the phone charge.

The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606 Washroom

This area is partitioned to allow for the necessary privacy associated with these facilities. The washroom contains the toilet and the shower area. All the necessary toiletries like soap, toilet paper, cleaning detergents, and towels are provided.

It is the tenants’ responsibility to ensure that the washroom is clean after they use it. The shower has the option of either cold or hot water to cater to all individual needs. The management also provides a pair of slippers that can be used while taking a bath as well as to walk around while indoors.

Only one pair is provided, therefore, in case there is more than one occupant in the apartment, you will have to bring extra pairs or purchase some.

The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606 Extras

WIFI – This apartment has a WIFI connection which is free to the tenant. Internet connection has been proven to be an essential tool for those traveling or on holiday to enable people to stay in touch with friends or colleagues as well as to work remotely.

The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606 enjoys unlimited internet connection to better serve these purposes. You can stay informed on what is happening in the outside world with this free fast internet connection

Balcony – There is a side door that opens to the balcony which allows the tenant a good view of the surrounding areas. You can sit here while enjoying the free WIFI or you can relax with a drink and watch the surrounding areas of Ruaka town.

Accessible services – While staying at The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606, you can have all your clothes washed and pressed, and your shoes cleaned and polished for a fee. The management can also arrange for car services like car hire whenever requested.

Note that these services are charged and paid for immediately after the service has been rendered and are not part of the apartment cost. For car hire services, the payment is made in advance since the service is outsourced to third parties.

Free water – All the water used while staying at The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606 is free of charge. The apartment block is connected to the County water grid, but in case of the usual water outage associated with this service provider, there is a borehole within the premises which ensures that tenants will never lack this important commodity.

Water from the borehole is first treated before being pumped to the apartment to make sure it’s safe for human consumption. While staying in this apartment, you can be sure your kitchen or washroom will never run out of water which happens a lot with other accommodation service providers.

Electricity charge – This apartment block is connected to the Kenya Power electricity grid which supplies power to The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606. In case of a power outage, there is a standby power generator that kicks in automatically to make sure you never lack power in the apartment.

The apartment has a private electricity power meter which is used to calculate the amount of power a tenant uses. The tenant is expected to pay for the amount of power consumed while in the apartment. This payment is supposed to be done before check out after the tenant and the management of the apartment have agreed on the used power.

The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606 Price

The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606 is a pocket-friendly accommodation facility considering the available facilities. The monthly rate is cheaper than the daily rate since it is highly discounted. It is, therefore, the most popular package with clients since it saves them money.

Scroll up this page to the price section to view our current rate for this furnished apartment.

The Moon Furnished Apartments Shared Facilities

These are the facilities that every tenant in this apartment block shares and enjoys. It is the difference between this apartment block and others providing the same service. They drive clients to choose these apartments over others due to their unique nature. These facilities are:

  1. Security

The Moon Furnished Apartments block is one of the most secure places in the Ruaka area. The premises has round-the-clock CCTV coverage in all the common areas. There are cameras on the fence to make sure that all movement is monitored within and outside the apartment block.

There is a concrete perimeter wall topped with razor wire and an electric fence to make sure that any unauthorized entrance into the premises is fully controlled.

The apartment block has 24/7 highly trained security guards from a reputable security firm who man the entire block. While staying at The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606, you can be sure no unauthorized visitors will be allowed to your apartment.

The solar floodlights mounted on the walls of the building make sure that the whole grounds of the apartment block are completely lighted at night hence deterring any unnecessary movement, especially at night.

Every apartment in this block has a fire extinguisher. The building has a fire hose to make sure that in case of any fire, it can be quickly put off. The Nairobi and Kiambu county fire department offices are also minutes away. This makes sure that in case a fire breaks out, it is quickly put out.

There is also a Police Station less than 10 minutes away which can provide quick backup to any security breach or incident reported within the premises. You can be sure while staying at The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606 your security is fully guaranteed.

  1. House services

This apartment block has one of the friendliest staff will you will encounter. The housekeepers have been properly trained on how best to handle clients and on all matters of etiquette. They are very respectful to the tenants and will often go out of their way to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

They make sure that all the apartments are thoroughly cleaned every day and that all daily supplies like towels and toilet papers are in place. In case of any complaints, there is an office with a supervisor and booking manager any time of day or night. You can lodge your complaints and you can be assured that they will be promptly addressed.

The booking office will also ensure that check-ins and check-outs are quickly taken care of any time of day or night. While staying at The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606, any concerns or issues you will raise will be taken care of to your satisfaction.

  1. Fitness facilities

The Moon Furnished Apartments block has a glass-walled rooftop terrace which is divided into a gym area and a recreation area. The gym helps you with your fitness issues while staying at The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606. You can use the treadmill, stand cycle, and dumbbells to stay fit. Any extra calories consumed can be sweated-off in this place. There is also a washroom with shower and toilet facilities which can be used after hitting the gym.

  1. Recreation facilities

The terrace recreation area has a U-shaped concrete table and chairs surrounding it. There is a barbeque grill to help you in case you feel like entertaining your friends while staying at The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606.

Just come with your supplies of drinks and meat and you can enjoy your stay while appreciating the beauty of the surrounding areas. This area can be utilized for bonding exercises especially when on corporate retreats or when celebrating special events with friends and family.

Neighbors to The Moon Furnished Apartments

These are the places that you can visit while staying at The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606.

The first one is the Two Rivers Mall which is the biggest mall in Kenya and East Africa. Here, you will have fun doing all the shopping and getting to sample all that the mall has to offer. The mall is located less than 15 minutes’ drive from the apartment block.

You can also visit The Village Market or The Rosslyn Riviera Mall for any shopping needs you may have while staying at this apartment block.

The Karura Forest, Masai Market, Giraffe Centre, and the Nairobi National Park are other attractions you can visit while staying at The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606. These places make good relaxation spots for individuals and families.

For the fun lovers, La Veranda Bar, Havilah Bar, La Cascada Sports Bar, and Club Decimo are all within 10 minutes’ drive from this apartment block. Here, you can get all the excitement bars and lounges can provide.


Whether you are traveling for leisure or work in Kenya’s capital City Nairobi or its environs, The Moon Furnished Studio (Bedsitter) Apartment No. M606 is a sure place to reside in with a budget. Book or reserve this apartment by contacting The Moon Furnished Apartments management following the contact details provided.


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